Bon Bon Fistral Logo Design

Bon Bon Fistral is an independent lifestyle store located near Fistral Beach, Cornwall. Founded by Harriet, the shop offers a handpicked selection of international and local brands which have been carefully sourced.

The boutique is located just a few minutes from the beach and offers a range of products, from hand-embroidered kimonos to Nordic ceramics and accessories. This lifestyle store provides a stunning selection of homeware and women’s fashion, surrounded by beautiful Cornish sea views.

Harriet approached me to rebrand and create a logo design for the store. The branding and simple monochrome colour palette reflect the contemporary style of the brand. The logo is used in-store for price tags and window vinyl graphics.

For more lovely gifts and fashion inspiration, check out their Instagram. bonbonfistral

Bon Bon Fistral is an independent lifestyle store located near Fistral Beach, Cornwall.

Microsystems Acupuncture Society (MAS) Logo Design

The Microsystems Acupuncture Society (MAS), formerly known as The Society of Auricular Acupuncturists, was founded in the 1970’s. The primary intention of MAS Membership is to stay connected, inspire and support members working in any aspect of Microsystems Acupuncture to reach their full potential with a thriving practice. The MAS logo reflects the community and newly created Members Hub. MAS members have access to a range of benefits, from use of the annual MAS membership badge to discounts on CPD, Workshops, Events and purchases of Auricular Acupuncture Supplies. For more information visit the website:

“It was a delight working with Amy. She was quick to grasp the concept of what we were trying to achieve with our membership and easily translated our ‘sketch on the back of an envelope’ into a strong, impactful logo. I have a few more projects up my sleeve and will certainly be using her services again (and again)! Highly recommended.”

Siwan Quinn Bratton, Microsystems Acupuncture Society Co-Founder

Mayim UK Mermaid Academy Logo Design

Mayim UK Mermaid Academy
, based in Bournemouth

Mayim Mermaid academy was established in 2015 by Director, founder and Mermaid Instructor Michelle Forsbrey. Also known as Mermaid MerShell, with a passion for the beach, ocean, surf, swimming and generally anything water based, Michelle was determined to help make other Mermaids dreams come true.

Mermaid MerShell is a trained Shallow Water Mermaid Swimming Instructor, trained by The International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association (IMSIA), where she received her International lifeguard certification and her 5 Star Shallow Water Mermaid Instructors qualification.

Michelle approached me to rebrand Mayim UK Mermaid Academy, creating a new logo design that could feature across a range of social media platforms, website, clothing, hoodies and badges.

Michelle offers Mermaid lessons, parties, photo shoots and a structured progression to become a Mermaid Instructor in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Mermaid MerShell on her freedive training adventures with Freedive UK

Mermaid MerShell is a trained Shallow Water Mermaid Swimming Instructor, trained by The International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association (IMSIA)

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Basant CD Design

The Dhol Foundation celebrate their 22nd anniversary with a vibrant new album, ‘Basant’.

Basant festival is celebrated in the Indian springtime. The festival is an explosion of colour. Kites are made especially for the occasion and can be seen flying in the skies. The album design reflects the colours of India and the vibrant, eclectic soundtrack featuring dhol drums.

Basant CD sleeve design


Available to buy from

The Dhol Foundation will be touring with Afro Celt Sound System during November.
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The Sound Approach vinyl design

The first vinyl release from The Sound Approach launches today!

Created in collaboration with Poole based record label ECC100, ‘The Beauty of The Sound Approach’ launches at Birdfair, Rutland Water Nature Reserve.

The album features a diverse selection of unpublished bird song recordings, chosen and recorded by The Sound Approach collective. The recordings come from locations as diverse as the Moroccan desert, the Canadian tundra and the Siberian taiga.


The Sound Approach Vinyl Design

This has been a wonderful project to be involved with since I am especially interested in wildlife conservation.

The album features cover illustrations by Killian Mullarney, and booklet illustrations by Håkan Delin.

If you are heading to Birdfair this weekend visit The Sound Approach stand 65-66 in Marquee 7 for a listen!

The Sound Approach exhibition stand at Birdfair

Caffe Saporito Brochure Design


Caffe Saporito Brochure cover, featuring foil, embossing and spot UV finishes

Caffe Saporito are a local coffee supplier based in Christchurch, Dorset. They approached me to update their current brochure. 

Caffe Saporito supply a wide range of products including their own blends of high quality coffee beans. Caffe Saporito also offer a full range of espresso machines, catering equipment and barista supplies.

Caffe Saporito were looking for a brochure to display their high quality products. We chose special print finishes to reflect this. The brochure cover features a matte laminate finish along with an embossed logo with gold metallic foil. The paper is also sourced from sustainable forests.


Caffe Saporito Brochure printing at Gemini Print

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For printing information contact

Afro Celt Sound System Album Design


‘The Source’ album vinyl and CD designs featuring original artwork by legendary artist Jamie Reid

Afro Celt Sound System celebrate their 20th anniversary with a stunning new album, ‘The Source’. As its title suggests ‘The Source’ summons the original Afro Celt energy, while simultaneously yielding fresh and creative inspiration.

‘The Source’ brings together core members Simon Emmerson, Guinean vocalist, kora and balafon virtuoso N’Faly Kouyate and charismatic dhol master Johnny Kalsi, along with long-standing collaborators such as Davy Spillane and Emer Mayock on uillean pipes and whistles, Moussa Sissoko on djembe and talking drum, and members of Scottish folk fusion Shooglenifty (who contributed to the very first Afro Celt album).

Album designs for The Source feature original artwork by legendary English artist Jamie Reid. The design process involved collaborating with Jamie and members of the band to create a design that reflects the eclectic and celebratory music produced by Afro Celt Sound System.

The Source was recorded at various locations across Europe, including Spillane’s own studio by the Cliffs of Moher, an experience which Emmerson jokingly likens to a Game Of Thrones quest (“Go and seek out the wise man on the remote cliffs”). He credits the adept mixing skills of David Bottrill and Mass for their “alchemical art” in bringing the album’s varied elements and spontaneous twists together.

Afro Celt Sound System are currently touring the UK.


T-shirt available to purchase at live events.

The Source is available from

Album photo:


The Barista Bike Logo Design



The Barista Bike started trading in 2015 and instantly received positive comments about its unique appearance but more importantly, how good the coffee tasted. Founder, Ian Redman has sourced all of the products locally, with coffee beans supplied by Winchester Coffee Roasters and a range of award winning teas are provided by Dorset Tea, including herbal options. Gluten free cakes and cookies are also available to compliment your favourite blend or brew from North Dorset based Honeybuns Bakery.

Ian approached me looking for a new logo design for his mobile coffee tricycle business. He was looking for a clean design that also reflected the traditional style of the tricycle, in a limited colour palette.



The Barista Bike offers quality coffee and a selection of Dorset Teas


Ian describes the journey in his own words: “I was looking to start a small catering business but the cost of renting premises in a suitable location was too high for me at the time. A few years ago I attended a home barista course at Winchester Coffee Roasters and experienced the best cappuccino I had ever had.  There are lots of coffee shops and cafes in the UK but it is only on a rare occasion that you can buy a coffee that is memorable. After some research I realised that there was the opportunity to start a small mobile coffee business.

The coffee tricycle is built on a Dutch cargo trike. It is fully self-sufficient and silent in operation with an on-board water tank, gas and electricity. The Barista Bike sells “speciality coffee” which means great quality. Care is taken at each stage of the process from the coffee bean farmer to the barista who makes the cup of coffee. 

The logo that Amy designed epitomises the quality and professional image The Barista Bike aims to achieve. The logo is instantly recognisable and helps distinguish The Barista Bike from other mobile coffee traders. The logo has proved to be very flexible, with the colours reversed it looks stylish on a black background and professional on a business card.

The word barista is Italian for “bartender” and The Barista Bike can serve traditional, fruit and herbal teas, hot chocolate, milkshakes and uses dairy, soya and coconut milk.  Decaf coffee and tea are also available. Describe how you like your coffee and The Barista Bike will make it from flat white, latte, cappuccino, mocha, macchiato, an americano with an ice cube or iced coffee. The list is endless!

I went through a number of design examples I liked and disliked with Amy at the start of the design process. Amy listened, discussed what I wanted and designed a very professional looking logo that is instantly recognisable.  After one year, I am extremely happy with the design and would not change a thing. Amy has designed a logo that looks so professional, a number of people have even asked if The Barista Bike is a franchise.”


Mudeford Arts Festival

The Barista Bike trading at Mudeford Arts Festival

The Barista Bike is currently trading at the following markets; Christchurch (Monday), Weymouth (Thursday) and Swanage (Friday). The tricycle has appeared at the Shake and Stir Festival in Southbourne and Mudeford Arts Festival. Ian and his team have received compliments at every event for the quality of the coffee!

The Barista Bike is also available to hire. For more information check out



Schweeet Logo & Packaging Design




Schweeet Logo & Packaging Design

I was approached by Daniel, founder of Schweeet, to create a logo design and packaging for his new product. Daniel had been working on ideas for a sugar alternative for some time and came to me with the concept and a brief for a simple and clean logo design and branding solution that could be used throughout the product packaging, website and social media.

Daniel describes his journey… As I was going down the fitness and nutrition journey, I decided to give up sugar (amongst other things). I soon realised that the best way for my body to lose weight was to maintain nutritional ketosis. During this process I found that I would still occasionally crave sweet foods, including adding sugar to my coffee or food. Ideally I was looking for the taste of sugar but without the negative side effects. I found that most of the sweeteners on the market either didn’t taste like sugar or had an aftertaste. In some cases solid sweeteners have Maltdextrin or Dextrose added to them as bulking agents, which are alternative forms of sugar which still have negative effects.

I soon found that sugar and all sweeteners would raise blood sugar levels (and lower ketones) so I spent a few years researching before Schweeet was finally born. Schweeet is the only sweetener on the market that does not affect blood sugar and blood ketone levels, with zero calories and zero carbohydrates. Schweeet is ideal for diabetics and anyone looking to maintain ketosis (for medical purposes) or fitness fantatics. Schweeet tastes exactly like sugar but without any of the negative side effects or aftertaste of sweeteners. Deemed safe by the NHS your body cannot use the main ingredient, sucralose in any way, therefore it will flush this out of your system.

I soon found that Schweeet could be used to help others and I started letting friends and family try Schweeet to replace sugar with incredible results. Suddenly I realised that I could help others to avoid sugar and live healthier lives without going without the taste of sugar in their food and drinks.

For more information and sales visit:

Website designed by Matt Halnan,

Colourfest Mandala Designs


Colourfest. A festival of  yoga, dance, music and magic, set in the beautiful Dorset countryside.  I have been working in collaboration with Colourfest founders Rowan Cobelli and Robbie Newman to create mandala designs for this years festival. This has been a wonderful journey full of unexpected creations…


Colourfest founders and organisers Rowan and Robbie


Colourfest_2016_MandalaColourfest mandala design featuring yantras for the six paths of yoga


Colourfest movement space mandala design



Colourfest dance, yoga and bhakti space mandala designs




In the words of founders Rowan and Robbie…

Why and Who are we…..

We are two Yoga teachers for over 20 years with a love of Truth & Movement.

We are gathering people, artists and tutors who are also motivated by what they love more than unconscious agendas. We love genuine depth that comes from clearer seeing. There is enough in the world that is motivated by something else.

Our practice is to move in open, honest and true ways. To honour our energy levels and to support each other. How we put this event on is as important as the event itself. Our main set up team are all friends who offer help free, from the love in their hearts.

We hope to see you there…


Colourfest flag designs represent the six paths of yoga, including Bhakti, Hatha, Jnana, Japa, Karma and Raja yoga


Colourfest is held within the beautiful grounds of St. Giles House, Wimborne St. Giles, Dorset



For more information go to
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Email:  Phone: 07587 210556